Vietnam suffering from increasing waste issue

As Vietnam increasingly industrializes and urbanizes, the obvious consequence is a rapid increase in solid waste throughout the country.

Solid waste from big cities and their industrial zones accounted for 22.1 percent of the country’s total waste, reaching approximately 50.8 tones. However, this number continues to have an upward trend due to insufficient waste management by environmental authorities.

Therefore, the Prime Minister has planned to boost the national waste management program, approving major projects concerning the three rivers of Cau, Dong Nai, Nhue-Day.

Currently, 32,000 tons of solid waste per day get discharged by people living in the urban areas of Vietnam. To tackle the waste issue, over the last 5 years Vietnam set up 26 new solid waste disposal factories, with the capacity of 6, 015 tons per day. 

The government also supports solid waste treatment plants by partly covering expenditure for treatment of solid waste. Government funding ranges between 11 to 18 US Dollar per ton of waste. Private enterprises also have invested heavily in this sector during the last few years. Private funding accounted for 55 percent of total funding.

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