Vietnam soon to have the tallest building in Southeast Asia

Landmark 81 will overtop Kuala Lumpur’s iconic Petronas towers by 10 meters

Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC), Vietnam’s key economic center, will soon be home to Southeast Asia’s (SEA) tallest skyscraper named Landmark 81.

In mid-March of 2018 the topping out ceremony was held on Landmark 81, celebrating reaching the building’s highest floor. The building is expected to be completed in mid- to late 2018, with construction still ongoing on the exterior and interior, as well as placing a 60.8 meter-long spire on the top of the building. Once the spire is placed, Landmark 81 will officially become the tallest skyscraper in SEA, and 14th tallest in the world.

Landmark 81 has already become Vietnam’s highest building, leaving Hanoi’s Landmark 71 on the second place, at 349 meters of height. In October 2017, the building already surpassed until-then highest building in HCMC, Bitexco Financial Tower (264 meters tall).

Landmark 81 will be a new addition to the reality of Vietnam’s and HCMC’s fast modernization and development.

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