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ASEAN Market Insights

A significant number of Western companies are already present in the Southeast Asian region, while many more are knocking on its door. However, in order to identify potentials and increase the chance of successful first steps, your organization needs proper insights and preparation. BDG team will help your company implement tailor-made research studies and find where the main opportunities are awaiting.

Production Setup

Which regional country offers the most optimal foundations for starting your manufacturing activities?


Where are the most competitive suppliers for your industry/sector operating in the region?


Which sales market you should engage in first?

The Challenge of ASEAN

The ASEAN countries offer different opportunities and challenges. While doing business in developed Singapore is similar to the West, other regional countries have different market structures and potentials. Furthermore, foreign investors face lack of reliable information and do not clearly understand the local regulations. Finally, for any investment made, it is of outmost importance to profoundly understand the local culture and population’s habits and behavior patterns.

“For our Asia projects, the important and correct information is crucial. As part of a positive business development and strategic marketing, we pay very close attention to general market information and local challenges. To capture these in emerging markets like Vietnam and other ASEAN countries is difficult. The BDG team supported us very professionally and gave us all the necessary information and local insights for our decisions.”

Hans-Jörg Ehlers

Business Development & Marketing Asia, CONTINENTAL AG

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How To Face The Challenge

It is important to know where to look for relevant insights and maintain a broad network, in order to obtain deep understanding of the opportunities and obstacles that every ASEAN country entails. With the right regional and country-based insights, your organization’s ASEAN market entry strategy will increase its chance of success.

Our Services For ASEAN Market Insights

Being located in the center of the ASEAN, our team is just ~2h flight away from any major regional city. Based on our long-term experience, and having implemented projects in almost all ASEAN countries, our team will be able to create tailor-made research solutions, from our office in Vietnam, or any urban/rural location in the region.









Your Questions About Entering to ASEAN Markets

Production Setup

  • Which ASEAN country fits into the overall business strategy of our company?
  • Which country has the optimal local suppliers?
  • Which country offers useful Free Trade Agreements?
  • Under what conditions and at what costs is the creation of a local unit possible?


  • What will change due to the upcoming Free Trade Agreements in ASEAN?
  • What are the ASEAN countries ‘advantages in comparison to China and other markets?
  • Which parts of the value chain can be shifted in the sense of a make-or-buy strategy for ASEAN?


  • Customers from which regional country are in need of your products?
  • Which customer segments are relevant to you? What needs do these customers have?
  • How are your competitors positioned?
  • Which distribution partners and distribution channels are there and which are relevant to you?

We will provide the answers.

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Our insights cover the latest socio-economic news from across the Southeast Asian region!