Positive outlook of Vietnam consumer market in 2015

The Nielsen Global Survey of C.C.S.I (Consumer Confidence and Spending Intentions) reveals that Viet Nam consumer confidence levels in this year exceeded 100 points to stand at 102, while globally number remained steady at 98 points.

In general, Vietnamese consumers are still very cautious due to low speed of economics recovery and unemployment. As tradition, consumers have strong sentiment for putting cash into saving. However, the number of these people is reported to be reduced in this year.

Singaporeans are the most inclined to spend their spare cash on vacations (51 percent), followed closely by Malaysia (47 percent), and Indonesia (41 percent). Around a third of consumers in the Philippines, Viet Nam, and Thailand prefer to spend their spare cash on new clothes.

As observance from the Nielsen, there’s an increasing intent to spend money on holidays, new clothes, new technology, home improvements and more out of home entertainment in Viet Nam. This is such a positive sign that consumers will open their wallets again. These positive signals might amazingly lead up to Tet (Chinese New Year) and into 2015.

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