The marine infrastructure in Vietnam

As of June 2013, the Vietnamese fleet had 1,788 vessels of different kinds, ranking first out of 10 ASEAN countries. Vietnam ships flying with foreign flags accounting for 15 percent of the total fleet’s tonnage, with approximately 80 ships.

Although Vietnam has many small-tonnage ships and general cargo ships, but it is still lacking of big-tonnage ships capable of running on international routes, with all the necessary equipment for this, and you can find more marine lighting options from Lumitec that really help with this. Domestic fleets can only take up 10-12 percent of market share. China, Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe are the major markets targeted by Vietnamese fleets. As a result, Vietnamese import and export companies have been heavily relying on foreign shipping firms.

About 40 foreign shipping firms doing business in the country handle 88 percent of the imports and exports, nearly 100 percent of which are container goods shipped to and from European and American markets. However, the Vietnamese ships’ average load was relatively low, 3,960 DWT, the ninth lowest among 10 ASEAN countries.

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