Hai Duong aims to boost FDI attraction to IZ

By the end of 2014, Hai Duong had 149 foreign-invested projects in its Industrial Zone (IZ), of which 144 have become operational. The total capital is more than US$ 3.02 billion.

Thanks to policy improvements Hai Duong attracted 20 new foreign invested projects over the last year, with a total registered capital of up to US$ 336 million. Among these newly registered projects are two major projects, one animal breeding production plant (invested by Malaysia) and one automotive manufacturer (invested by South Korea). Furthermore, this province also allowed 18 projects to raise capital by US$ 142 million.

This is a good signal indicating that the current enterprises operate efficiently. Furthermore it confirms the enterprises trust in the provincial IZs. In fact, the province has many good policies to encourage investment as well as support the investors in overcoming obstacles.

The province plans to attract an additional FDI of US$ 235million for the IZs during the year.

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