Concern of Industrial Zone’s effect on public health

According to the report from Thoi Bao Kinh Te Sai Gon (Saigon Times), there are only 42 among 639 industrial zones in Viet Nam have capacity of waste water treatment.
The others industrial zones claim that they don’t receive enough fund from central government to build as well as maintain the system of waste water facility. This fund is considering a moderate amount of money which is on average

of US 3.4 million, granting from 2011 and 2014.
Meanwhile, the government report that there are at least 240,000 cubic meters of water from raw industrial waste will be decomposed into the environment every day. This will cause a harmful effects on the country living condition and should be solved urgently.
The damage that nearby habitant suffer from these effects are eye infections, diarrhea, and cancer, which is called “Massive public health burden”

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