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What are the best ways for foreign companies to enter Vietnam’s market?

10 years ago, two friends looked for an answer to this question. They came up with one – BDG Vietnam.

Since our humble beginnings, we have established BDG Asia, and spread our focus on all 10 Southeast Asian countries. Our main goal has been to provide insights and market research studies to foreign investors interested in entering the promising regional market. Regardless of your organization’s target country, our team will show you the way.

What We Do

We help international companies understand Southeast Asian markets, thus increasing the chance of successful venturing in one of the world’s most buoyant regions.

If you are considering establishing a new production site in Southeast Asia, the region’s countries offer different opportunities, challenges and conditions. Depending on your organization’s industry and strategy, BDG will execute a comprehensive analysis and provide recommendations where exactly to expand your production in this part of the world.

For many companies, sourcing in Asia is of crucial strategic importance. Depending on your needs, and specific Southeast Asian country’s industry specialization, BDG can find your organization most suitable sourcing opportunities and partners.

Are you looking for up-and-coming markets for your products/services in Asia? The Southeast Asian countries encompass more than 600 million people, many of which are significantly increasing their disposable income. BDG will analyze which countries could be the most suitable for your products/services, and recommend actions how to cater to local needs and tastes.

Our Approach

With more than 10 years of Southeast Asian experience, we have learned that entering the regional markets is not a straightforward process. Knowledge of the region, specific country experience and an extensive network are necessary elements that help uncovering the key facts – missing pieces of the puzzle that will help foreign companies making an informed strategic decision. Our talented team approaches every research project from a different perspective, and works hard to provide optimal insights and results that help your organization making the first step towards success in any Southeast Asian country. This is why, our clients, either small or big, trust our team.


Are you looking for more than just bright minds? Do you want passionate people who think and act in an entrepreneurial manner, who will never be satisfied with status quo and who will approach challenges and opportunities from your organization’s point of view?

BDG discovers insights which will allow your organization to make the right decisions when entering any Southeast Asian country.

Nhan Nguyen

Nhan Nguyen

Founder & Managing Partner
Nhan Nguyen
Nhan Nguyen
Founder & Managing Partner

Nhan Nguyen is the co-founder and managing partner of BDG, which he started as a two-man office in his hometown in Da Nang in 2006. Since then he has worked with more than 100 companies in many different industries in the ASEAN countries.

Nhan holds a German-Diploma in International Management from the private International School of Management in Dortmund, Germany.

Field of Expertise: Manufacturing, Retail, Greenfield Investment, Mechanical Engineering

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Continuous growth for our clients, our colleagues, and ASEAN


We deliver results, while nurturing continuous improvement, for our clients and our team.


For our clients, our team, and ASEAN.


We do not take status quo as an answer.


We stand together, with our clients, and within our team.

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