Average salaries in Ho Chi Minh City the highest in Vietnam

According to the new data provided by VietnamWorks, the country’s largest online job platform, Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) topped the average wage rankings among Vietnam’s cities. On average, in 2017, workers in HCMC cashed $456 per month. This figure was 38% higher than the average wage in Vietnam, which stood at $285 (based on official government data).

Da Nang, a major city in Central Vietnam, came in second place. Citizens of this beach town received on average $452 per month, almost $50 more than the inhabitants of Vietnam’s capital Hanoi, who came in the 5th position, with $407 average salary. In front of the capital were also highly industrialized provinces of Binh Duong and Bac Ninh, located nearby HCMC and Hanoi respectively.

In 2017, jobstreet.com, a leading employment website in Southeast Asia found that salaries in Vietnam were rising faster than in any other Southeast Asian country. The company’s data showed that the average annual growth rate of salaries in Vietnam stood at 22%, compared to 14-20% in Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar and Singapore. In addition, in Vietnam, management and executive salaries experienced the fastest growth, at 26 and 35% respectively.

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